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Eric Jackier was a failed business leader who did everything wrong. At the height of his despair, he spent three years analyzing his mistakes and began an amazing journey to leadership excellence which will be shared within these pages. Told with humor and honesty The Crystal-Clear Leader is an essential component of the Eric Jackier Leadership and Productivity System and inspires readers to become the best business leaders they can be. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or CEO, the skills and principles contained within this book will allow you to build, improve or scale your business to heights you’ve never imagined.

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Eric helps you gain absolute clarity in your business and shows you how to work way less and make a lot more. His extensive leadership trainings, proprietary business systems, seminars, and coaching experience helps you navigate the stressful decisions you need to make in order to really create the business of your dreams.

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Developing a good leadership routine is necessary in good times. It’s beyond vital in uncertain times! Not only may your business be closed now — many of you have been forced to learn how to work from home! I work from home under normal circumstances, so I already...

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