Develop and Empower Your Compass to Success

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Coming Soon: Workshops on June 5th and 6th

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Join Me June 5th & 6th to master my four transformative habits. 

Are you ready to elevate your career and personal life? You are invited to author, speaker and transformative coach Eric Jackier’s exclusive workshop “Developing Your Compass to Success” on both June 5th and June 6th, 2024.

Each Event will be at 3:00 pm Eastern. This event is meticulously designed to introduce you to four pivotal habits that will revolutionize your approach to success and leadership:

Successful Preparation

Never be unprepared or blind-sided by events or circumstances.


Cultivate a mindset fostering growth, learning, and personal development.

Relationship Management

Build and nurture relationships that will enhance your career your personal life.

Humble Confidence

Strike the perfect balance between confidence and humility to inspire and lead.

Basic Package: Free

Learn & practice my four key transformative habits in the standard webinar format.

VIP Experience: Enhance your Journey 

  1. The Habit of Effective Communication: Master the all-important skill that will transform your life and career to untold heights.
  2. One Hour With Eric for Q&A: An exclusive session with Eric to ask your critical questions and receive helpful insights.

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I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have had people like Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield become my friends and mentors. These opportunities have changed my life for the better in so many ways. The things I have learned from them have allowed me to build a successful coaching career and business.

At a certain point, Jack pointed out something very important. “Eric, remember that you don’t want to be me. Always be your true authentic self”. That statement is very true. I am not Jack or Brian or anyone else but myself. An ordinary guy who failed miserably at my first business because I made every single mistake that can be made. Thus, my goal as a coach is to help entrepreneurs and business owners avoid the mistakes I made and work together with them to achieve personal and professional success faster and more proficiently than they would by continuing to do it alone.

Eric is an exceptional leader and coach, known for his detail-oriented approach and first-class experience. He’s committed to helping individuals enhance their business and personal productivity.

Brian Tracy

Eric’s journey from failure to success, shared with rare transparency, provides invaluable insights into your own path of business and leadership development.

Jack Canfield