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About Eric.

Eric Jackier helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s 10X Their Business With His “Crystal Clear Leader” Coaching Program and Training Products.

Eric helps you gain absolute clarity in your business and shows you how to work way less and make a lot more. His extensive leadership trainings, proprietary business systems, seminars, and coaching experience helps you navigate the stressful decisions you need to make in order to really create the business of your dreams:

  • How do you create a rockstar team of A players who will be the driving force of your business?
  • How do you know when it’s time to hire your first employees?
  • What parts should you outsource and what parts should you delegate??
  • What are your big revenue generators? What needs to be cut out of your business so it can actually grow?
  • How can you scale in a way that doesn’t generate even more work and stress for you?
  • How do you know how to keep the good customers and get rid of the bad ones?

This is just a small percentage of the questions Eric helps you gain clarity with when you work with him and his team. As a coach to many high profile clients, investing in Eric’s systems, trainings, and coaching has proven to be one of the most valuable decisions any entrepreneur will ever make.

“This inspiring, motivational book will help you unlock your leadership abilities. Read it, apply it, and let these ideas change your life!”

Brian Tracy

“Eric talks a great deal about his previous failure as a business owner and how he used what he learned to become a success. This rare transparency from a now successful leader allows you to not only take the journey from failure to success with him, it also allows for you to deeply examine where you are in your own journey of business and leadership development.”

Jack Canfield

I’ve worked with Eric for several months now and he’s proven to be a smart, helpful, and experienced professional. I’ve encouraged colleagues to have Eric coach them and every one of them has given me confirmation that Eric is helpful and knows his craft.

Gary Cappell

Retired CEO, Nightingale - Conant

If you are a business owner, CEO, or professional coach who suffers from burnout, you’re trying to do way too many things by yourself, or you just don’t know how to “put-it-all-together” to scale your business, then speaking with Eric and his team will could be the missing ingredient you need in order to create a life of freedom and financial prosperity.

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Discover the transformative power of Eric Jackier’s books. “The Crystal-Clear Leader” provides essential strategies for aspiring business leaders to achieve unparalleled success. Complementing this, Eric’s upcoming collaboration with Brian Tracy, “Succeeding in Business in Any Market,” equips readers with the tools to thrive under any market conditions. Unlock your potential today