We’ve just run thru an extended period of downtime in some businesses. Still there are businesses out there with too much downtime. And there are definitely many professionals with a lot of time on their hands – whether that was their choice or not.

So how can you effectively use your downtime to improve your business? If the answer doesn’t come to you right away, don’t worry. You now have the time to do some homework.

Here are some suggestions I have used or am using to engage prospective clients, keep current within my profession, and look for new business opportunities:

1. Talk to your clients.
Call, write, email—engage with them! Perhaps you can ask what you can do to help them through any downtime they are having or gather their opinions on a new product or service you might offer. There may be something you haven’t thought of that they might suggest to help you through a business crisis. Remember, even in times of uncertainty, it always pays to network.

2. Do constructive social networking.
Everyone is online right now; why not take advantage of the circumstances? As an example, during the COVID situation, JTD Coaching launched a LinkedIn campaign geared toward connecting with ideal group coaching clients. I actually did a coaching session with a business owner who was unable to return home to New York due to the international lockdown. Explore new opportunities and make new connections, even during hard times. Opportunities exist—the smart leader will find them.

3. Further your professional education.
This has become a staple for me since I began JTD Coaching. I have been fortunate to be trained and mentored by some of the great experts in the world on leadership and success, including Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, John Wooden, and Dr. David Krueger. I’m always looking to improve as a coach and leader. As a leader, you owe it to yourself, your employees, clients, and profession to be the best you can possibly be.

The state of the business world provides an excellent opportunity for increased excellence through professional education, which can only improve your business and bottom line. One of my new educational ventures has given me the opportunity to add a service I’m very excited about.

I used to be a professional broadcaster, but I haven’t done any type of broadcasting in years. Through an opportunity recently presented to me, I’m learning how to deliver a professional-grade podcast. It’s a tool I’ve wanted to explore for a while, and I’m now investing some of my extra time into creating the Ultimate Leadership Podcast! We will be coming to a podcast service provider near you very soon, and the discussion topic will (naturally) be leadership and mentoring.

Find your opportunities too! I’m certain there are a variety of ways you can advance your business right now with the help of education. There are unique ways we can all grow, and the key is doing it as a team. We at JTD Coaching are here to help guide and support you!

Follow along on my full website at www.jtdcoaching.com for new programs and services I’m offering. Thanks for following along on this road to great leadership and improvement!

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