Scheduling our individual daily routines is one thing that helps lead to successful leadership and a successful business.

But you’ll also need to plan the schedule for your business, whether in good times or bad. This planning is vital in helping you lead your business to success!

The planning should always cover ninety days, which is the equivalent of a business quarter. Something to understand from the beginning – this plan will be based on fluid assumptions that could very well change. What is a fact today may not be fact tomorrow?

When constructing your plan, the end game should be your focus. The difference here is that the plan should be a living document that is reviewed daily. Each day, ask the following questions:

  • How long can I stay afloat given the current situation?
  • Where can I cut costs?
  • What can I offer the public right now (if you are open)?
  • How much cash is available to me?
  • Who among my employees is critical to my company’s success right now?
  • What critical services do I need to provide once the immediate crisis is over?

Below are some questions that are less immediate but must have clear answers as the ninety-day plan takes shape:

  • Is my company eligible for assistance (government or otherwise)?
  • How should I handle my creditors?
  • What should I tell my clients and customers?
  • How much money will I realistically make over the next ninety days? (Be very honest about this.)
  • What are my best- and worst-case scenarios over this period?

A tip from your coach: As you begin writing your plan, be very conservative in your estimates. Everything is so unpredictable during downtimes and it’s a lot safer to plan using the worst-case scenario. It’s also a lot less taxing mentally and emotionally if you aren’t disappointed if the worst-case becomes reality.

The old saying goes…. Prepare for the best but expect the worst.

Even if the worst happens, you’ll be readily prepared!

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