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Learn from the best –Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, John Wooden. 

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Endorsed by the best in the industry, Eric and JTD Coaching is your fast track to success. Combining the best aspects of the best masterminds and simplifying it into cost effective, easy to learn courses. 

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Meet Eric Jackier

Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach

The Coaches’ Coach

As a person who has cerebral palsy and has had to find my own way to step outside of what people believe is possible for those who are disabled, I know firsthand that all things are possible. I am proof that anyone can rise and become a leader.

After many years of experience and investing more money than I would like to admit into my training I’m paying it forward by teaching professional speakers, trainers, coaches and those aspiring to be, to achieve more than they can imagine.

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“He’s called the coaches coach for a reason.  The online courses and group mastermind meetings changed my once struggling coaching business into a success”

– Tom B.

“Eric has helped my business tremendously. His mentoring showed me ways to get more organized and work with people better and more professionally… I didn’t realize how scattered we were until I had talks with Eric. Simply putting one or two of his suggestions in place will help your business in great ways.” 

– Frank C.

“I purchased The Ultimate Leadership Workbook written by Eric. It should be named the ultimate guide to every day leadership. It really put things in perspective for me. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to step their leadership game up.”

– Chris D.