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The Coaches Coach

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Forge Your Own Path

Unlock Your True Potential

The question isn’t whether or not coaching is important. We all know the importance of coaching. The highest paid professionals and athletes all have coaches that guide them.  

The question you’re probably asking yourself is this; What’s so special about Eric and his training program?

For starters, being endorsed by Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield AND being the only coach on the Eastern United States that is certified by John Wooden’s Organization is a big deal. These gentlemen have amassed massive wealth, fame, and success. Now is your time!


Achieve your goals

Become a powerhouse

Change your perspective

Create a new better version of yourself

Do the things you want and remove negativity

Edit your future by building a higher self worth


Benefits for you

Want higher paying clients?

Accreditations and certifications equal more money. Upon completion of our Online Courses, graduates receive the JTD Coaching Fast Track to Success Starter Kit.

Inside the Starter kit
  • New coaches will get the complete guide to getting your business off the ground. 
  • Established coaches get the guide to breaking the barrier and produce rapid growth.
  • Included in both guides are some powerful gems. These gems include lead generation tools, proven marketing strategies for obtaining high-ticket clients, everything you need to get your business off the ground, sustain, and grow!  

Benefits for your clients

How much money per hour do you want to make?

Higher level clients demand more. They want credibility. The solution isn’t in selling more, it’s knowing more. The more tools you have to guide and train your clients the more your are valued. 

Additional Benefits for you
  • Access to everything in JTD Coaching Toolbox
  • Starter and Growth guide
  • Full access to JTD Library and all resources
  • Ability to white label material from library 
  • Monthly mastermind group
  • Facebook VIP Coaches Group 
  •  Your very own workbook and more…

Online Coaching Resources

Get started with any one of these online courses and you automatically qualify to receive all the featured benefits above.


Ultimate Leadership Workbook 

    Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Struggling to take your business to the next level?

Whether you’ve been coaching for years or just starting out, you need material, a strategic game-plan, a path success. Yes, there is such a thing as a success path. Book a free consultation with Eric’s team now to put a program in place.

What to expect from JTD Coaching.

Become the impact others need.

The secret to achieving outstanding results in your career, company, or business starts with you.

Leadership and accountability.

Professional leadership takes experience, knowledge, and overwhelming talent.  

Growth and freedom.

Getting past mental blocks can be challenging. Having guidance from Eric will help you attain your goals.