The 21% Leadership concept is based on the discussion with Brian Tracy at his speaking academy.

The conversation was based on his advice that in order to be the best in your profession you needed to add an additional 3% to what you already know and do as a professional.

The 10.5% min-courses derive for the 21% leadership concept and focuses on 4 small courses.

  1. Keeping the good customers and removing the bad
  2. Virtual Leadership (in conjunction with Ken Blanchard)
  3. The Foundation of Leadership Excellence
  4. Essentials of Time Management

These are ideal courses not just for leaders but for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life. I especially recommend it for people who are “upwardly mobile” and looking to make quick and dramatic self improvement. Each of these are 3-4 weeks long and cost $347. Anyone who takes two courses, (21%) gets a free signed copy of the new book and one free coaching session. 

Cost: $397 per course